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Thorough Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Reach out to Ponte Vedra Hearing or St. Augustine Hearing at the first sign of hearing loss. We give clients comprehensive hearing tests to identify if or how much of their hearing has been diminished. There is a direct link between untreated hearing loss and dementia, so a hearing test is essential to prevent other health issues. Over time, reduced stimulation to your ears and brain can impair the brain's ability to process sound and recognize speech. The more speech recognition deteriorates, the more difficult it is to recover. Contact Ponte Vedra Hearing or St. Augustine Hearing today for your complimentary hearing exam.

Audiometric Testing

We provide a standard audiometric evaluation that includes measuring your hearing threshold levels. Additionally, we determine your ability to understand speech with recorded and live speech recognition testing. Through the hearing, tests performed we would be able to determine what type of loss and its severity, we will also determine at that time whether you are or not a candidate for a hearing device or need to be referred to a specialist for possible correction through another solution.


Hearing aid consultations determine the best solution for your hearing loss. Ponte Vedra Hearing and St. Augustine Hearing has over 25 years experience in fitting solutions for all types of losses and needs. We help you figure out the best hearing aid model and style for your needs along with the costs associated. Concierge Care with Competitive Pricing.

A hearing aid consultation gives you all the information you need about devices. However, it's not a commitment to purchase one. When you do decide on a solution package and fitting, we will put you on a wearing schedule and closely monitor its effectiveness and make any adjustments necessary to assure that the aural rehabilatation process goes as smooth as possible and that you hear to the best of your ability.

Service and aftercare are a big part of the hearing aid fittings. The quality of service and aftercare that you receive depends on what hearing health care provider you choose. However, if you are a current wearer of hearing aids we provide cleanings, programming, and service to most brands of devices. Start the process with our complimentary hearing consultations.

Video Otoscopy or Video Otoscope Examination

COULD IT JUST BE WAX? In some cases, ear wax could be what is causing some hearing difficulties. Performing a Video Otoscopic Exam along with audiometric testing is the only way to determine if this is the case. This visual inspection of the outer ear and eardrum involves placing a camera inside the ear canal. It allows you to see what we see during the examination.

Cerumen Management

This non-irrigation earwax removal service is part of our aftercare program. Cerumen management prevents clogs from hearing aids and prolongs the life of your hearing aid.

Restorative Hearing Aid Repairs in Ponte Vedra &

St. Augustine, Fl. 

Your hearing aid will eventually show signs of wear and tear like any electronic device. If your hearing aid is faulty or damaged, bring it to Ponte Vedra Hearing or St. Augustine Hearing for all hearing aid repairs as we are  full service hearing healthcare centers. We also provide hearing aid cleanings and 10 point inspections to keep your device in excellent operating condition at no charge.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We service all makes and models of hearing aids. In most cases, we can do in-office repairs and modifications while you wait. However, if the work can't be done during your visit, we'll send your device to the manufacturer for repair. We are skilled at repairing G.N. Resound, Starkey, Phonak, Signia, and other makes and models.

Cleaning and Checking of Hearing Devices

Let us do a 10-point inspection of your hearing aid to maintain its overall performance. Regular cleaning and checking of your hearing aid will prolong its life. This service is a part of our aftercare program and is included in our initial hearing aid fittings. During the service, we:

1.) Clean and check your microphones
2.) Clean and check your receivers
3.) Clean and check your battery contacts
4.) Inspect the shell integrity
5.) Inspect tubing and cables
6.) Change the mic covers
7.) Change the wax guards
8.) Check functionality of user controls
9.) Check for sound quality
10.) Check user settings and make necessary adjustments

Hearing Aid Installation

Programming of Hearing Aids

Receive an updated hearing evaluation when your hearing aid needs programming. Most hearing aids require digital programming by a computer, and we program all makes and models. Even if you purchased your device from another retailer, we'll program it for you. And remember, we offer complimentary hearing consultations.